Louisiana Council of MOAA
Louisiana Council of MOAA Louisiana Council of MOAA
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Louisiana Council of MOAA
Louisiana Council of MOAA
Louisiana Council of MOAA Louisiana Council of MOAA
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Louisiana Council of MOAA
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About Us

To All:

The Louisiana Council of Chapters (lcocmoaa.org) welcomes you to our new website. Thank you for visiting.  Our goal is to “Never Stop Serving.” This website is an extension of our activities throughout the state. Working together we hope to make a real difference for all of the military community, both active duty and retired. All Officers, active, retired, regular or reserve, National Guard, and former officers of all the branches of the uniformed services are invited to join the Military Officers Association of America (MOAA) and to become a member of a local chapter. Today we have 8 Active Chapters and more than 1,000 dues paying chapter members in Louisiana. With your participation, we seek to achieve a powerful voice, advocating at the Louisiana State level and in support of MOAA before the U.S. Congress for all uniformed persons and veterans as well as their families. We also promote a strong national defense for our country.

The LCOC supports and assists our chapters. This website is representative of the support. The LCOC meets three times a year.  After each meeting, we publish a newsletter highlighting information about the activities of the Council. Some chapter newsletters are also on the site. We encourage you and your Chapter leadership to review them for new ideas, speakers, and activities. We also highlight job opportunities for individuals in conjunction with National MOAA's Transition Assistance program.

In conjunction with MOAA National our goal is to be a powerful voice to influence our State's and our Nation's leaders. We present our views on national defense and earned benefits of our military defenders and their families; benefits earned by faithful and loyal service to our country. Louisiana MOAA and MOAA national are committed to maintaining those benefits for all our military and veterans. This site also provides updates on and discussion opportunity for Louisiana MOAA members who wish to share their views about issues relevant to matters advocated by the LCOC and MOAA national.

Louisiana MOAA includes eight active chapters across the State and we are working on expansion.  If you are new to MOAA or looking for a chapter check the Chapter list.  LCOC meetings provide opportunity for chapters to consider and decide matters of common or Statewide concern. The Council Leadership is in place to provide state wide support and is a key link to MOAA National. The Council meets formally three times a year. Chapter leaders and representatives, LCOC officers and a Board of Directors discuss key issues and programs for the good of the chapters.

Again, thank you for visiting our site. If you served as an officer in a uniformed service or you are the surviving spouse of a person who served as an officer, join MOAA and your local chapter to make our voices heard for the good of all who stood as our defenders.

Louisiana Council of MOAA
Louisiana Council of MOAA

Louisiana Council of MOAA

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