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Louisiana Council of MOAA
Louisiana Council of MOAA
Louisiana Council of MOAA Louisiana Council of MOAA

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LCOC Scholarship Protocol

LCOC MOAA Scholarship Flyer

Louisiana Council of Chapters
Military Officers Association of America

Lieutenant Colonel Marvin T. Stewart
Memorial Scholarship Fund

1. Name of Scholarship Fund:  The Lieutenant Colonel Marvin T. Stewart Louisiana Council of Chapters Memorial Scholarship Fund is a state-wide scholarship program established by the Louisiana Council of Chapters (LCOC) in memory of Lieutenant Colonel Marvin T. Steward, USAR (Ret). Lieutenant Colonel Stewart was a long-time member and Treasurer of the LCOC at the time of his death on 28 June 1999. He was a member of the Acadiana Chapter (MOAA) and a Past President of the Chapter. He served as an engineer in the U.S. Army Signal Corps during World War II in the South Pacific. He was an electrical engineer in Industrial Control for Westinghouse Corporation in St. Louis, Missouri until retirement in 1974 and lived in Lafayette, Louisiana for the 23 years preceding his death. The LCOC is honored to name its first scholarship program in honor of Lieutenant Colonel Stewart.

2. Purpose:  The scholarship is offered to outstanding high school seniors throughout Louisiana who display exceptional potential for leadership through a combination of academic excellence and participation in leadership activities. Nominees are encouraged to pursue careers as officers in the Armed Services. Nominees must satisfy one of the following requirements:

           a. Enrolled in a Junior ROTC program and intend to enroll in a Senior ROTC program
               or a military service academy.
           b. Be recommended and sponsored by a current MOAA member who is also a member
               of one of the Louisiana Chapters.
           c. Out of State applicants are eligible to apply if meeting criterion as described above in
               paragraph 2.a. or 2.b. and either:

                    1) Has a parent or legal guardian of one of the uniformed services currently
                        stationed, living, or serving in the State of Louisiana.
                    2) Has a parent or legal guardian currently an active MOAA member living in the
                        State of Louisiana.

3. Selection Criteria:  Recipients must be graduating seniors who will attend college as a full-time student in the fall semester. Preference will be given to those nominees who plan to enroll in a Senior ROTC program or a military service academy. Financial need will not be a consideration. The selection criteria shall be based on:

           a. Academic achievement
           b. Demonstrated leadership qualities
           c. School and community service
           d. Personal initiative
           e. Typed essay (length ½ to 1 page) on how you plan to serve your country

4. Funding and financial management of the Scholarship:  Scholarships will be funded through investment earnings on the funds and assets donated to the scholarship fund. The scholarship principle will not be used for scholarships. A goal has been established of awarding one (1) $1,500.00 scholarship per year. The LCOC Board of Directors will recommend to the council the dollar amount for the scholarship based on the earnings of the funds. Multiple scholarships may be awarded when and if funds are available.  Funding of the scholarship will be from a variety of sources and may include an assessment on each member chapter as well as donations by individuals and businesses. The fund will be established as a tax-exempt IRS 501 (c) to encourage future and continuous donations. The funds may only be invested in financial institutions protected by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), SIPC, or similar organizations. . The LCOC Board of Directors will oversee the management of the funds and the LCOC Treasurer will manage the funds on a daily basis per the directions of the Board of Directors and will include the status in the Treasurer’s report at each council meeting.

5. Administration of the Scholarship:   The LCOC President will appoint a Scholarship Committee Chair person. Two (2) other individuals will be selected to work with the Chairperson. These individuals serve at the pleasure of the President. When possible, individuals should be rotated to consider Chapter representation; however, this does not preclude them form serving successive terms. The Scholarship Selection Committee (a committee of three persons) will coordinate on nominees for the scholarship and inform the President of their recommended selection. With the President’s approval, the scholarship will be awarded. The ideal situation would be to make this announcement at one of the Tri-annual meetings.

6. Applications and Publicity:  Each Chapter will ensure that they have scholarship applications available. They will distribute the applications throughout their communities to the targeted recipients. Chapters should include information about the scholarship in their newsletters and local media. Applications will be available on the LCOC website.

7. Applicant Folder:  The Scholarship Selection Committee will prepare a folder on each applicant. The folder will contain the student’s scholarship application, photo, ACT or SAT scores, high school transcript and two letters of recommendation from the student’s high school faculty or staff and a letter from the sponsoring MOAA member if applicable.

8. Disbursement of Funds:  The scholarship funds will be mailed to the college where the student has been accepted. It will be the responsibility of the nominating Chapter to insure the student is enrolled in school before sending the money to the college.

Approved 17 September 2016
West Monroe, Louisiana
CDR Robert T. Douville, President

Louisiana Council of MOAA

Louisiana Council of MOAA
Louisiana Council of MOAA
Louisiana Council of MOAA

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